How to Make Your TMS Work for You

How to Make Your TMS Work for You

As you probably already know, efficiently routing, storing, transporting, and delivering freight is a tough job, made even more demanding and error-prone if you’re working with manual, uncoordinated processes.

Without a transportation management system (TMS) and the real-time data, tracking, coordination, and efficiency it provides, your business can’t function optimally. And you and your managers can’t gain insight into the complex supply chain interactions that can help you optimize your day-to-day and long-term operational choices.

What are the benefits of a TMS?

A well-designed TMS and transportation management software use real-time data from all systems so you gain valuable supply chain visibility and can quickly act on opportunities or resolve any issues.

By using your TMS’s digital reporting and analysis functions, you move beyond the delays and inefficiency of manual processes and can:

  • Do integrated planning and execution across purchasing and order management, warehouse management, customer relationship management, and supplier relationship management.
  • Gain back-office efficiency since your TMS automates all accounts, saving time and money and minimizing billing or invoice errors.
  • Conduct better inventory forecasting by monitoring order lifecycles and shipments in real time.

When it comes to logistics and route and shipping optimization, a TMS’s real-time tracking capability shines since the TMS lets you:

  • Track driver and route efficiency and generate a more efficient schedule.
  • Analyze the most cost-efficient and logistically efficient shipping route, reducing expenses like fuel consumption or driver overtime and improving shipping accuracy.
  • Improve order fulfillment and remove shipping errors and discrepancies.
  • Navigate the gap between order management and warehouse management systems, consolidating customer orders to find the best carrier at the lowest possible price.
  • Ensure route optimization, including showing options like pool distribution–a cheaper and faster way to break down complex orders and route them separately, saving time and money.

Lastly, you can count on TMS’s efficiency to improve customer experience. It can also increase the likelihood of referrals–a win-win for all parties!

Ready to explore more TMS benefits in your journey toward achieving complete supply chain dominance? The BrillDog transportation management system is available in multiple sizes, depending on features and functionality. Any small to medium-sized company can use the Freemium version to get rate quotes, create a bill of lading, dispatch carriers, track shipments, and generate basic reports. For more information, contact today.

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