BrillDog Acquires/Licenses Intellectual Property (IP) From Nexterus

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SaaS-Based Supply Chain Management for Small-to-Mid Sized Businesses

New Freedom, PA — September 27, 2022 — BrillDog, the only supply chain technology built for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMB), announces acquisition/licensing of software intellectual property (IP) from Nexterus. BrillDog intends to use the Nexterus IP to develop a supply chain management system for SMBs that addresses bottlenecks, reduces costs, and positions these SMBs for higher growth and larger profits. The software platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering with modular supply chain functionality.

“Small companies are left to fend for themselves when it comes to supply chain software,” said Sam Polakoff, CEO and a co-founder of BrillDog. “Big companies can afford expensive ERP and transportation management systems (TMS), but smaller companies can’t. Small businesses often must use spreadsheets and multiple, separate tools to get things done. BrillDog brings real-time, cloud-based supply chain analysis, management, and actionable insights to small and medium-sized businesses, helping them improve efficiencies and bottom-line profits.”

The platform will have limited and general availability (GA) releases. Modules and functionality will expand with funding and a growing customer base.

BrillDog is based on the Nexterus Fusion Center, a global TMS. This technology enables clients to harness the power of their supply chain data by eliminating manual processes, bringing value to business operations.

“BrillDog is the supply chain management system built specifically for small-to-medium-sized businesses and created by people who understand their supply chain needs.” adds Sam Polakoff.

About BrillDog, Inc.

BrillDog believes simplicity and transparency are essential for every business shipper. BrillDog is an advanced, integrated solution that manages supply chain processes and data. Customers benefit from the affordable, real-time, cloud-based supply chain functionality, management, and analysis. The BrillDog technology builds on years of logistics expertise, a deep understanding of supply chain needs, and powerful new technologies. For more information, visit.

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