How You Can Achieve and Sustain Digital Transformation

How You Can Achieve and Sustain Digital Transformation

If you’re a small to mid-size business (SMB), you have probably investigated leveraging innovative technologies and digitalization.

But did you know that digital transformation can help you grow faster, improve your business operations, and reach new heights of success–especially with customer satisfaction?

Many established SMBs have already deployed digital transformation strategies designed to provide more value to their customers. These are essential benefits these days.

What is digital transformation?

In short, digital transformation streamlines your business operations to increase productivity and boost your employees’ efficiency. Unlike digitization–which means, for example, scanning client information into an online database and maybe getting rid of a Rolodex–digital transformation relies on introducing new, efficient tools into older business models. For example, records digitalization saves time and offers more convenience. Digital transformation planning and tools like the BrillDog supply chain management system (SCMS) allow you to transform your supply chain.

Take your first steps in digital transformation.

You can begin your journey to digital transformation by thinking about your company and your operations and involving the entire company to assess your current status and provide feedback. What challenges do you face? Where do you excel? Free online tools can help you conduct this internal assessment, ID your current level of digitization, compare your digital maturity with that of your peers, and discover your potential.

Next, prioritize your plan, exploring your most prominent issues and how technology can help. For example, your assessment may determine that it makes sense to move certain areas of your business online. Or, if you find that your customers are having a hard time contacting you, you might add a chat feature to your website for better accessibility. You might even want to implement digital customer surveys to determine how to refine your processes further.

Next, consider the role of data analytics, which can help you better understand how your customers find you and their purchasing patterns (time online, shopping preferences, devices they use for shopping, and the like). Data analytics lets you examine large and diverse data sets from different sources–from social media to website and email marketing–and gain decision-making insights. For example, if you find customers shop primarily between 5 a.m. – 12 p.m., you can tailor your social media posts or email blasts to increase conversions and improve your bottom line.

If you’re unsure how to use your data, consider hiring an expert to review it, make sense of it, ID your goals and priority setting, or make sure you invest in the correct technology.

Lastly, once you’ve started your digital transformation, check in periodically with your goals and your team to ensure you’re on track.

Why not look to the experts to start on your digital transformation journey? The BrillDog supply chain management system (SCMS) digitally transforms supply chain operations for small to mid-size businesses. With digital transformation, small businesses see eight times more revenue growth than small businesses without digital transformation. Want to get started? BrillDog’s SCMS is SaaS-based, built on the cloud, so it is easy to use and quick to implement so your small business can get started as soon as possible without any IT staff. For more information, contact

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